Central Ave New Years 2016 at Paulys Hotel and The Low Beat

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7 bucks gets you into Albany’s hottest New Year’s party at Paulys Hotel and Low Beat. With six great bands and free Rolling Rock and Busch drafts from 8-9pm, we’ll be ringing in 2016 right!

21+ only!


Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/557162991102771/563791400439930/

– Nobody for President (Psych Rock)

– Victory Soul Orchestra (Funk/R&B)

– Desafinado (Indie Rock)

– Grassroots Rebels (Newgrass)

– Jasper (Indie Rock)

– The Kindness (Folk Rock / Alternative)


Show Tonight (10/3) @ Pauly’s Hotel w/Desafinado and VSO


Catch us playing live tonight for the Local Music Showcase at Pauly’s Hotel, 337 Central Ave. Albany NY. We will be playing with indie rockers Desafinado and funksters Victory Soul Orchestra for a night of excellent, varied music.

We will have Limited Edition Anniversary Icarus Kids CD’s for sale on a pay as you want basis. The Anniversary edition comes with bonus and live tracks not on the original album.

Doors are at 730
Desafinado at 830
N4P at 930
VSO at 1030

5 whole dollars for a night of fun. What a bargain. Give us money.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1716668415221987/


Nobody For President Never Says Die

At some point you realize the music is more in control than you are; that it’s become part of you, an extension of your being. Why deny the best part of yourself? Why not become it? Nobody for President is us. We are Nobody for President.


N4P @ Pauly's Hotel 07/24/15

N4P @ Pauly’s Hotel 07/24/15

We had an excellent show at Pauly’s Hotel last night, hosted by Albany Frequencies (big shout out to Andrea hooking us up!) It was great to be back on stage with our new lineup!

Bell’s Roar and Opaque Body got the ball rolling with some really cool electronic textures, loops and samples. We had a blast checking out the music and grooving to Albany Frequencies vinyl jam that filled Pauly’s with music in between sets.

This was our first show with a new lineup; Tim, our new drummer, was formerly our bassist, and our guitarist before that. Talk about a swiss-army knife! He’s been super adaptable and always ready for something new.

Brandon, our new bassist, was the original bassist for the local 518 jazz instrumental group, Doctor Magnum. Armed with some music theory and ready to rock, Brandon can often be seen donning one of his many soccer jerseys.

John remains on vocal/guitar duty and we still have Sam tickling the ivory.

We are pushing through some of the darkest times of our musical careers and rising from the ashes with a new lineup, and a new attitude. Our new demos for ‘Chainsaw’, ‘Sex with Strangers’ and ‘Long Sleep’ are coming along so well, we will be looking to book some studio time in fall to do some recordings.

Nobody for President cannot do this alone; we will need your help and support! We are looking for volunteers for photographers, videographers, street team members, basically any creative types that would like to create with us while making a name for themselves. Please contact us with any interest/ideas.

Stay tuned for more show announcements coming soon!



Ze Woodshed

Hey guys, we’ve been working hard on our new sound following the departure of our old drummer. We currently have a fresh lineup:
– Brandon Cahrenger, former bassist of Doctor Magnum, will be joining us on bass.
– Our current bassist, Tim Periard, will move over to guitar, his native instrument.
– Nick Palazeke, of Desafinado will take over drum duty.
– John Harney’s still our guitar player and vocalist, and Sam Wessels will continue his role on keys.

We will still be playing some of our old tunes, such as Everest, Dreams, and Dust. We are also working on our new tunes Chainsaw, Sex with Strangers and Long Sleep for an LP release later this year. It’s been taking some time for us to get together and get comfortable with the new roster, so thanks to all those who have stuck with us; we are really excited to move forward and branch out into new avenues. As soon as we have some shows confirmed, we will announce them here.

To whet your appetite here’s some art for a Sex With Strangers single release:

sex with strangers cover 1WEB


More Details on Move Fest 2015


More details on our slot at the  Move Music Fest 2015 have surfaced; we are playing at the Fuze Box in Albany from 11pm – 11:45pm so be sure to get there on time!

Wristbands for the 3-day festival are only $20 and get you entrance into any of the participating shows. They are still available at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2015-move-music-festival-albany-ny-tickets-15797167754

As of now we are told there will not be single admission prices if you just want to see us Friday night. $20 may be more than usual, but it goes a long way in supporting the local music scene, so do it!
John @ N4p



N4P @ Move Festival 2015 – A Stay of Execution

Surprise, surprise, it’s tough to walk away from the wave. An opportunity on the back burner came to boil when we forgot about the pot – Nobody for President will be playing the Albany Move Festival (like the Facebook page to stay updated on venues and times!) this year among local greats like Titanics, Locksley, Party Boat, Sirsy, Many Trails, Kimono Dragons and so much more. The festival runs April 24th, 25th, and 26th. Wristbands for the event are $20 and can be purchased here. Tell ’em you’re going for Nobody for President!

As soon as we get our date, venue and time, we will share! Hang tight!


We’re gonna rock the faces off the Capital Region before we sail into the sunset, show ’em what they’ve been missing out on. Join us for a fun-filled weekend and support this great local music scene we are all very fortunate to be a part of.

It is not lost on us how upset many of our family, friends and fans are over the prospect of N4P being no more, but remember this does not mean we are giving up on music or our creative pursuits, this is simply the next stage of our artistic evolution. As the late Leonard Nimoy has said: “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”

Make some space in your memory bank. Nobody for President is setting controls for the heart of the sun.


Two Last Waltzes for N4P

A note from John:

I want to start this out by thanking my fellow bandmates, our parents, and of course our friends, for getting behind us and pushing us to new heights. However, all things must pass and recently it has become evident that this is the case for Nobody for President as well.


We started out as dazed teenagers too afraid to leave the apartment and make our own music to playing paying gigs, doing our own thing, and even getting some decent exposure, albeit local. I could never have imagined in a million years that I would have the opportunity to do what we’ve accomplished coming from where we did.

Tim, Aaron, and myself have been friends since childhood and this was always a dream of ours. However, we’re getting older now and life is presenting new challenges to the band everyday. Rather than end up like so many other bands that hate each other and do not speak, we have chosen to dissolve amicably, playing our last two shows at Brown’s and Pauly’s respectively. As for some of the songs in development for Progress, they are not lost, and will most likely surface again.

You should really be there for our last two shows, we still have a lot of fight left, and want to go out with a bang surrounded by our friends and family. We have loved getting out there, meeting so many cool people and a plethora of amazing local acts, and just living life to the fullest. While I can’t speak for everyone, I personally will still be part of the music and arts scene in the Capital District in some capacity; it’s just something I have to do as it’s taken me over. As I obtain more details about our future plans, I will post them.

In the meantime, listen to Icarus Kids real loud and clear your calendar for March 7th and Brown’s and March 28th at Pauly’s Hotel, its going to be one hell of a finale.




Progress Report on Progress

Thanks to everyone for supporting us in these embryonic stages, we were really proud to release Icarus Kids last fall, snag some new gigs, and even get on the radio! Alas, we have been growing and evolving at an increasing rate and cannot wait to share some new music with you all!


—‘Progress’ concept artwork—

We’ve been demoing some new material for our upcoming EP, Progress. Currently we are in the process of finalizing some decisions on songs and shopping for studio time. We are looking to release the EP this summer, so you can bump it in nicer weather. Also, be on the lookout for merchandise as we get some tasty T-Shirts designed so you can show off your favorite local psychedelic underdogs!

As far as a track list, if you’ve been to any of our live shows in the last month or so, you’ve probably already heard the bulk of what will be on the record. This EP will be 4 or 5 songs. We’re really excited to be back on our feet with our new keys player, Sam, and can’t wait to hear what he brings to the table.


Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain

I’ll never forget my first exposure to Kurt Cobain; I was 4 years old, just forming memories and a sense of self. A family friend was having an anniversary party for her parents and there were a lot of adults and older people there. Me and my sister, who was only 2, were left under the supervision of some older kids that were hanging out in a bedroom watching TV.

As soon as my mother left the room they put on MTV because they wanted to see this really cool new music video their friends had heard about. That’s when it happened; the coolest guitar I had ever seen starting with a simple clean riff and exploding into with orgasmic energy. This disheveled skinny guy in ripped jeans and a hand-me-down shirt was thrashing around in front of strobe light and screaming what to this day I do not understand, it only made me love it more.

It was the Smells Like Teen Spirit video premiering in 1992 and it changed me forever. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana have been enduring sources of inspiration for an underdog like myself who often feels disenfranchised from the world around me. When life drags you down, you have to kick on the fuzz and scream your way out of it. You don’t have to be perfect, or classically trained, you need the passion and drive to express yourself and not pay any attention to the opinions of small minds.

Kurt would have been 48 years old today, so in honor of his birthday and to keep up with our weekly music video, here is Smells like Teen Spirit Live at the Reading Festival, 1992:



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